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Vector Clipart Images Stock & Collections Download

Guidelines For Users

6 Ways to Buy Images

Custom Modifications



  6 Ways to Buy Images



1. Single Images


There is no minimum order amount requirement so you are able to purchase Single Images. You can choose from 4 different licenses the one that is most suitable for your demands:


- Standard License
- Extended License
- Ultimate License
- Exclusive License (logos)


For more information about the granted rights of the different licenses please visit the License Agreement page.





2. Digital Collections of images for download


It is a great advantage when images are organized in thematic collections. Firstly you will be able to buy images with the same thematic focus or in the same design style as Digital Collections and socondly you will enjoy remarkable low bulk prices.  





3. Single Categories of Digital Collections for download


If you don't need an entire collection you can purchase single categories as Digital Collections for download.






4. Custom Collections of images for download


If you want to buy several images we can offer you discounted Custom Collections. When you buy a certain number of images, you get additional free images.


Buy 5 images - Get 1 Free - Discount up to 16,67% 
Buy 9 images - Get 2 Free - Discount up to 18,18%
Buy 20 images - Get 5 Free - Discount up to 20%
Buy 40 images - Get 12 Free - Discount up to 23,08%





5. Prepaid Credits 


1 credit = 1 EUR. PVA reserves the right to edit this equation. You can purchase Prepaid Credits and use them for buying Single Images or Custom Packs at a discounted price up to 25% wherever you want. There is no minimum order amount requirement for Credit Purchases. Credits expire one year after the date of purchase. Credit purchases are non-refundable and do not apply to Digital Collections and Products.



6. Collections of Images on CD/DVD


You will be able to buy Collection of Images on CD/DVD at the referred price with the three liecense options - Standard, Extended and Ultimate. You just have to go to the Products page, choose the desire CD/DVD box and add it to card. The purchase will be delivered by courier. The shipping costs are at the cost of the Customer. 





  Custom Modifications



If you need an image to be adjusted for your project, we offer several Modification Types:


- Vectorization (cut ready)

- Extracting, Adding or Adjusting Elements

- Vector to Embroidery Conversion

- Vector to Rhinestones Conversion

- Animation




You can purchase the desired modification comfortably by using the Pricing Calculator displayed below and choosing Modification Type, Difficulty, Urgency and Number of File Formats needed. But if you are not sure you can send us a support ticket from your profile including the ID of the desired image describing most exactly how do you desire this image to be modified. We will contact you shortly with a quote. Please note that not all modification types may be possible for all images.




To purchase a Custom Modification work you have first to purchase a license for the original version of your image. This license will be valid also for the modified image. 

Please take a look at the Custom Modifications Page, where you can find detailed information and samples of the available modifications types and difficulties.


For more information check the General User Agreement 


If you speak German, you may find interesting also our older German website Ein Vorteil der deutschen Website ist, dass man bei Bestellung von CD/DVD Versionen auch die Download-Versionen kostenlos dazu erhält.


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